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Just Breathe Healing's mission is to assist in healing and optimizing the well being for each individual. We desire to provide the highest quality of herbs, nutrients & Energy remedies for the best possible mode of healing. Bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony allows each of us to face life with vitality and ease. Optimal well being is our birthright.

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Check out our extensive Healing services. We have created a place to meet your needs with integrity, respect and in comfort.


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Clinic News:


Cold & Flu Season Kicks into High Gear... So get ready to fortify instead of Depress your Immune System!








Did you know 2 teaspoons of sugar can suppress your Immune System for up to 4 hours? Now,  How many donuts do you really want now?

Events & Workshops 2019

4 Thursdays beginning April 11, 2019

Barrio Herbal Walk


Take a walk with Dr. Elena through neighborhoods, parks and private gardens in search of Edible and Medicinal Herbs, hidden in plain sight. Learn to identify, name and use Nature's Medicine!

Next hike:  April 12, 2019  

Herbal Hike w/ Dr. Elena Esparza, D.C.

Your Body Does Not Lie!  

An Introductory to

Muscle Testing

April 23, 2019

How would you like to understand your body's language and natural energy without fear?! Learn the secrets of muscle testing... Applied or Behavioral Kinesiology to understand yourself, improve your health and make better decisions in life!

This introductory session will give you the groundwork you need to begin learning how your body communicates with you.  This may lead to a more intense series for Muscle testing certification.

Demystifying Blood Tests: My tests are Normal, But I feel SICK!

7, 2019

Demystifying Blood tests.  This important workshop will help you unravel this confusion and answer some questions about why you may still be feeling SICK, even when your bloodwork is "NORMAL".

What you may not know, is that the Lab Range in the blood work may not necessarily be the OPTIMAL RANGE or functional range. The Functional range indicates the best levels your organs like to function at before they begin to get sick, and this range may be well below the "lab range". This means you would not even know you were really sick because the lab range would be indicating that all is normal.

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