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Dr. Elena Esparza is the founder of Just Breathe Healing. Her life has been dedicated to creating, to inspiring and to connecting to all living beings and building relationships that nurture growth, healing, transformation and deep, lasting interactions. This amazing web of life cannot be journeyed alone...and we are not capable of true evolution or transcendence alone. We need each other, we need all that is. That is the meaning of relationships and growth, transformation and Love. This is truly a Loveolution and I am an emissary of this revolution. Join Me!

Our bodies mirror our choices.

Our bodies ARE our STORY. Recognizing what's happening outside our body will help us to stop and and get to know what's going on inside. KNOWING what's going on inside our bodies will be the key to happens outside our bodies. Transformation begins within...the changes are seen out side ourselves. 

The beauty is we can effect the outside by the work we do on the inside. Let's find the path that leads us there.

Using Alternative Vibratory healing ( in the form of Flower frequencies), Chiropractic Medicine, and gentle, traditional Herbal Medicine, we find a way to meet your needs. Our Herbal preparations and menu recommendations are individually crafted and are not intended for a “Quick Fix.”

The herbal remedies work with the body to heal from the inside for a more harmonious balanced approach to health.The food lists and menus provide the foundational sustenance to renew and revitalize, as well as, heal the body.Together our programs bring greater integration and balance for optimal healing.

Dr. Elena Esparza, D.C.


Elena Esparza, D.C.,M.S., is a healer and activist. Born in East Los Angeles, Dr. Esparza was encouraged to play in the green sanctuary of her childhood, hill-top home and dig in her grandmother's garden, where she found a language in her green world. "My first memory of healing and natural remedies was at six years of age, and I have continued living among the plants and natural world all of my life," she says. "I have had the privilege of living, visiting and studying throughout the Americas, therefore my influences are numerous and varied.”

“My chief healing influences come through the great women of my family who have carried on the traditions of their grandmothers and family healers: my mother Ofelia Esparza, my grandmother Guadalupe Avilez, and our beloved Maya ancestor, Mama Pola, who never forgot the connection and lessons of the plants for healing.”

Dr. Esparza has studied herbal medicine, manual medicine and energetic medicine throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine in 1999 from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles. Dra. Elena also holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology with a Spiritual Emphasis.

Now, Doctora Elena maintains a local family practice in Boyle Heights and has created a series of health and healing workshops to promote personal transformation and empowerment. She also is a life enhancement coach and is a licensed spiritual healer. She conducts ceremony, and all manner of spiritual ceremonies such as weddings, blessings, soul retrieval, limpias, ancestry communication.


She was first introduced to chiropractic when she suffered injuries in a major motor vehicle accident. Through alternative healing


care, Dr. Esparza was able to fully recover and test for her second degree black belt in Aikido.

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